This tower trailer was donated by Patrick Air Force Base  and the tower and tool box was donated by club members who donated there time, money and effort to fabricate this tower trailer for the North Brevard Amateur Radio Club.

This page is dedicated to those that donated their time and money for this worthy cause. 

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The tower has been placed into position by using the ladders to take measurements on where is the best height to mount the tower with a front and rear over hang without extending the hitch.          

At this height the front over hang is 12 inches behind the cab and 12″ above the cab of the PU with 36 inches behind the trailer. The tower will set 7′ 4″ above ground level. A 13 ft. of 1″ galvanize pipe that will fit into. A 36″ of 1-1/2 galvanize pipe will be mounted on the top sticking down into the tower plate which will be adjustable for height adjustment and can be extended up 10 more feet to make it a total tower height of 36 feet.

A tool box has been donated will set in front of the tower, the generator will them go in front of the tool box. All 3 outriggers will extend out in a 120 degree pattern. Off the back of the trailer they will extend out 8 feet off each of the corners on the rear.           

As you can see now we have cut a vertical section of the extra left over section we had, for the right height for the tower, and it will supply the hinge point on top of it with both sections bolted to the hinge plate. The tool box will be mounted 4″ off the floor so that the 10′ slide in outriggers can be taken off  when not in use and stored on the trailer deck.

We used 2 heavy duty tongue jacks that were donated and will be a pin on type to the outriggers rails so
they can be stored in the took box.

NBARC Tower Trailer is finished.

The 2″ pipe on the sides of the tower are for outriggers rails and are used for weather proof storage compartments.

The generator has a mounting bracket for easy removal from the trailer for storage.

The tool box is for outrigger jacks, rope, inverted V antenna, tools, and blocks for cribbing the outriggers jacks.

The tower trailer is hooked to the truck and the tower is secured to the trailer.

Just as we engineer and design, It’s 2 feet behind the cab.

Tower is raised and locked with a height of 26 ft. plus telescoping 1″ 10 ft. pipe for a total of 34 feet. We use only 8 ft. of the telescoping pipe with 2 ft. left in the tower for support.

Hazer added to tower trailer

The hazer that we attached to the tower was part of the tower its self, this use to be a crank up tower so we had a 4 ft section left and it fit over the tower just perfect so we use 36 inches of it for the hazer. Shown is the hazer with 3 mounted flood lights to illuminate a parking lot used at night for a Christmas parade disembark the parade floats, and  they are removable when not needed

A Hustler BT-4 HF vertical antenna 10/15/20/40 meter bands will be mounted on the hazer. when crank to the top of the tower will put the top of the HF antenna at 56 feet in height.

The hazer will also have a HD TV rotor on it for a 2 mt beam with the J-pole mounted above it. This hazer leaves no load on the tower while cranking it up.This will be unique and probably first of its kind designed for safety of the operator and keeping no load on the tower as it is cranked up.

This design is after a commercial built tower trailer, design by Bob, N6USP. It’s a much safer tower trailer than a 55 ft crank up tower. Commercial crank up tower trailers are nice and compact, folds over like ours, but it is dangerous to the operator, if he lets it get away form him when he is cranking it down, he can suffer serious injuries. We can loan this one out and not worry about someone getting hurt.

Providing emergency communications to
State, County and municipal agencies.