Sand Point Park

June 28th at 9AM for set up

 Can be found on the K4NBR Repeater, frequency 145.250 – Hz starting at 9:am

PLEASE contact  one of the Field Day coordinators,  BOB N6USP or Bob Keim W4RNK for more information.

Meals will be prepared by Bob, N6USP and Bob, W4RNK.

FOR DONATIONS of food or soft drinks  Please contact a Field Day coordinator.

 VISITORS are welcome to participate in Field Day 2008. Bring out the whole family. Anyone can operate with a control operator present. 

GOTA (GET ON THE AIR) The GOTA station may be operated by Novice, Technicians or generally inactive hams under their existing operating privileges, or under the direction of a Control Operator with appropriate privileges, as necessary. Non-licensed persons may participate under the direct supervision of an appropriate control operator.